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What makes our new print bloom?

The new pattern combines two motifs in one: the flowers in muted shades look as if they have been drawn with their clear contours. This is complemented by another technique from the art world: watercolour. Artful watercolour moments have been worked into the flower pattern and give an unique and exciting effect!

As a basic tone, light creamy white provides freshness and lightness. The dark tone is the right option for more elegance in the evening. The result: a textile masterpiece. These shirts really do offer the perfect look for any event.

What is the best way to combine floral prints?

Coming into the Summer months, floral prints are a must! Why not reach for the classic style element of the season: a pair of white, cropped jeans in a loose fit. The investment is worthwhile and can be combined with many different tops, not only in spring or summer, these shirts are timeless.

Patterned Shirt Patterned Shirt

Styles for the (home) office and after-work.

In times of flexible forms of work, the question of appropriate clothing arises.

What is the right way to dress for the home office? There are multiple options to be considered. After all, work doesn't just consist of video conferences.

Our tip: Casual and comfortable should still be stylish. Psychologists know: The outer discipline has a positive effect on the inner one.

There are several possibilities. Here are two outfits that cut a good figure at work and also master the transition to casual evening wear.

Half Zips by GANT

A simple, but high-quality and well-fitting half-zip is a great option. For business, the muted colours are very appropriate, and depending on the occasion pair them with jeans or chinos to create a smart, casual look. Perfect for after work ... with a glass of wine in your own kitchen.

Half zip hoodie Half zip hoodie

Style guide Pastel Colours

Remember Don Johnson's legendary looks from Miami Vice?

His character Sonny Crockett proved in the eighties how cool pastel shades can look on men.

Heavenly-cool looks with pastel shades

When we see pastel shades, we immediately think of summer ice cream sundaes or lemon sorbets. Not only do pastel colours look fashionable, they are really in style at the moment! Especially in spring, we long for freshness and lightness and often reach for lighter shades that put us in a good mood. Having long since conquered women's fashion, pastel colours are now conquering men's fashion too, creating exciting looks. Don't miss out, make sure you stay on trend this summer!

Style guide

You can style pastel shades in an all-over look and as colour contrasts. Individual items in the calm pastel colours can be combined for any occasion. Wear a shirt in these delicate shades with a pair of light-coloured chinos, and your look will be fresh and light. For a more relaxed look, wear trendy pastel pieces with clothes from a different colour palette, such as a print shirt with casual sneakers and jeans. Combining pastel shades with each other will make your outfit a real eye-catcher and give it an elegant touch.

Which pastel shade suits me?

You have to be careful when choosing colours, because some colours make you look pale and others make you shine. If you have a fair and a slightly tanned skin tone with a warm undertone, warm pastel shades such as fresh yellow and apricot will look great on you. Cool skin types with a bluish or olive undertone should go for pink, light blue and mint green.

Pastel OLYMP Shirt Pastel OLYMP Shirt

Meyer Trousers 2021 Mens trousers trends

The year 2020 had it all, and it is showing its effects on the fashion world as well. Our questions regarding clothing become more essential: What is important to us men in fashion? How can we also work from home in style? What feelings can we express through our clothes? Meyer presents the men's trouser trends 2021.

Home office trousers: current trouser fashion for men

The pandemic is bringing back zest and novelty to the wardrobe, as many men are currently working in the home office due to the Corona crisis. The fashion world is asking itself: what does a man wear in times of "new work"?

During the year, special trousers for the home office have become popular, skillfully combining style and comfort. In this way, a trend established itself that will unfold its full potential in 2021. The enthusiasm for stylish, mobile working will be evident in the lookbooks of the major specialists for men's trousers in the coming year.

These trends await us in 2021:

Cuts like regular fit chinos
Comfortable fabrics with super stretch
Office-ready business jeans
Materials that are comfortable against the skin, like organic cotton

Trend 2021: bright colours and patterns

Cuts, shapes, colours or patterns - in the fashion world many things can be combined and in 2021 we can look forward to colourful fashion trends. The beauty of men's trousers in the coming season lies in attractive patterns with a wow effect and fresh colours. But simplicity and functionality are also on trend. Designers focus on elegant, clean lines in their collections.

MEYER Trousers MEYER Trousers MEYER Trousers